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Learning Together for Life
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A very warm welcome to our Nursery.


In the nursery  we have Mrs Harvey and Mrs Thomas. Our morning starts at 8.35am with activities called 'Busy fingers'. These work the muscles of the hand to develop fine motor skills and coordination. Busy finger activities could be threading pasta, cutting, using peg boards and writing in salt. These are activities you might want to do at home. 

We enjoy child initiated learning inside and out in our well maintained outdoor area. Outside the children have access to a large sandpit, bikes and cars as well as a full range of role play equipment and toys. We have a growing area where we have grown some fabulous fruit and vegetables. We often grow foods and then use them to cook The garden also provides us with a rich habitat for minibeasts and nature study.

During the time in Nursery there is a large emphasis on developing social skills. The curriculum is built around the children's interests and skills are developed 1:1, small groups and as a whole class.  We have a range of technology to support learning from ipads to an Ben Q interactive board.  We cook something every week in Nursery that relates to our topic. We share a story and lots of singing before we say goodbye and sing our prayer. Our morning finishes at 11.40am. 


This terms topic: Autumn 1


This term  we are learning about ourselves  sharing our experiences through family pictures, talked about our pets and brought in favourite toys from home.We will be reading and talking about  traditional tales and retelling them in a range of different ways. For the rest of this term we are looking at Autumn and Harvest. 




Each week usually on a Friday you will receive a ‘Focus of the Week’ for the forthcoming week. Whilst we do not have ‘homework’ we often will ask you to bring something in when it links to the topic. Please check emails and if you do not receive weekly, ask the office to check the stored details.




Children take part in PE usually on a Tuesday. They do not need to get changed in Nursery, we just take shoes and socks off. Children need to be able to do this independently, so please practice at home. This is especially necessary for girls tights in the colder months. Parent may wish to send girls in trousers during cold weather




Every child needs a plastic cup for access to water. We teach them to pour water from a jug.

We have fruit time or ‘rolling snack’ each day which is provided by the school, plus milk cartons if you have ordered them. We encourage the children to open straw packets themselves as well as eating fruit as it comes (eg eating an apple, not peeled/ chopped up)


If you want to take a library book from the class or school library you will need a school book bag to keep them safe. Class library books can be changed as and when at the end of Nursery. School library books are only changed on a Tuesday.

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