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Learning Together for Life
Week commencing 10th July is the last week for after school clubs.
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Learning Together for Life
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Learning Together for Life
Week commencing 10th July is the last week for after school clubs.
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Netball Match 10th October 2016
On Monday 10th October the St. Peter's netball team took on St. John's at home. Mrs Ewing and Peter went to welcome the team as they arrived and the coin was flipped, St. Peter's won and chose to take the first centre pass leaving St. John's to choose which way they wanted to shoot. We got into our starting positions and Mrs Ewing blew the whistle.  The opposition were so tall and intercepted our centre pass and scored quickly at their end of the court. Then on their centre pass they scored again. It was soon half time and we were losing 7-0. We grabbed a quick drink, changed positions and got back on to the court to go again. This time St. Johns had the first centre pass, the ball went straight up their end and they scored again. Everyone on St. Peter's team was trying so hard but they really were so tall and quite rough, we struggled.
Time went quickly and we got into the final quarter. We really marked our partners well and intercepted the ball, nice bit of passing and Jessie received the ball in the circle, took a shot and scored! Just in time! The whistle blew and with sweaty faces we gave St. John's three cheers and they did the same for us. Well done to St. John's, both teams played very well.

Written by Renaya Brown

Final Score: 1-11            Player of the match: Jessie Jacobs.
St. Peter's goal scorers:  Jessie Jacobs
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Netball Match 13th October 2016


On Thursday 13th October, the St. Peter's netball team travelled to Eastbury Farm for our second match. We were greeted by the team and their coach ob our arrival. Eastbury Farm won the coin flip and decided to choose where they were shooting. So we were able to have the first centre pass. St. Peter's were quick to get the ball into the circle and before we knew it Lucy Scored! We then had to intercept the ball from Eastbury Farm's centre pass, lots of nice passing and Renaya got the ball and scored again! 


At half time we were winning 2-0. We grabbed a quick drink and changed positions and got back on court. We were quick to get the ball again and Akeelah scored. Eastbury never gave up and they were quick to mark us they intercepted the ball and managed to score. 3-1 to us. In the last quarter we got the ball, Evie scored and the final whistle blew. We won!!


Final Score: 4-1                   Player of the match: Akeelah Bibbins


St. Peter's goal scorers:  Lucy Douglas

                                            Renaya Brown

                                            Akeelah Bibbins

                                            Evie Archbold


written by Renaya Brown

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Football Tournament



After what felt like A million mile walk, we had made it to St Joan of Ark. We walked to the playing field with the bright, yellow sun beaming at us but that did not last for very long.

We were off for the first set of matches so we trained and watched the matches to pass our time. In no time the whistle blew to stop all matches. We positioned ourselves for the first match and then the whistle blew.


First Match-St peters vs St Johns B


Before we knew it, the whistle blew. We had a lot of chances but so did the opposition. It was a very tight game and every ten seconds there would be an attack by us or them. Unfortunately, in the middle of the match it started to drizzle but that didn’t bother us. We played to our very limit but sadly the game ended as a draw. We shook hands and although we drew, we smiled and went to our coach.




We were now up against Arnett hills. We got our formation from our coach and set out on the pitch.


Second Match-St Peters vs Arnett Hills


For the second time now, the whistle blew. We were starting the match this time. Jack James passed the ball and off the match went.

It was about two minutes in and the rain started to soak us. The rain wouldn’t stop and it started to aggravate. Hail started falling! The hail was hitting us in the eyes and was really irritating as we struggled to keep our eyes open. Some of us asked if we could be substituted as it was that bad. Even with the hail though, Jack Jones scored a goal! It was the first goal of the whole tournament for us. The match still surprisingly continued but at least the match ended with a win



We were now up against St Johns A. The rain had cooled down and we were ready to go.


Third match-St peters vs St Johns A


The whistle blew for the penultimate time and off the match went.

Before we knew it, the opposition had scored. This didn’t discourage us though but then the opposition’s goalkeeper made a mistake and scored an own goal to make the match score level. We managed to sustain the score for another minute or two but then the opponents bounced back and scored to more goals to make the score 1-3 to them. We then went on to lose the match 3-1. This was our biggest defeat yet.



We were now getting ready for our last match which was against St Mary’s.

Last match-St peters vs St Marys


The whistle blew for the very last time of the day in the drizzling rain. This match had lots of chances from both sides until we conceded around five minutes in but that didn’t stop us. In the last minute, Zac did some brilliant defending to stop a goal but then Ronil, thinking he was a goalkeeper, went to pick up the ball but luckily he just managed to move his hands to stop a penalty. The opposition claimed for a penalty but the referee disagreed and the match ended 1-0 to them.


We unfortunately didn’t win the tournament but we still had fun until all our parents picked us up late, in the cold, wet weather. Everyone was craving for a warm bath with a cup of hot chocolate and I think most of us got that.

Written by Ronil-Mishra


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