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St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God


Welcome to Nursery!

A very warm welcome to our Nursery class page.


In the nursery we have Mrs Harvey, Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Mazur. Our morning starts at 8.30am.


Self- Registration


When the children first enter the classroom after hanging up their own coats and putting their water bottle in the storage trolley then they will register themselves by finding their own name card and attaching to the 'Whose Here Today' board.


Busy Fingers

The children will then complete their activities called 'Busy fingers'. These work the muscles of the hand to develop fine motor skills and coordination. Busy finger activities could be threading pasta, cutting, using peg boards and writing in salt. These are activities you might also want to do at home. Every morning the children will do a different activity in their colour group. 


Child Initiated Learning

We especially enjoy our child initiated learning time which involves exploring and learning inside and out. Outside the children have access to a variety of areas including writing/mark making, sand , water, construction, small world, creative, books, music, mud kitchen and lots of opportunity for physical development . We also have a growing area where we have grown some fabulous fruit and vegetables. We often grow foods and then use them to cook. The garden also provides us with a rich habitat for minibeasts and nature study.

During the time in Nursery there is a large emphasis on developing social skills. The curriculum is built around the children's interests and skills are developed 1:1, small groups and as a whole class.  We have a range of technology to support learning from ipads to an Ben Q interactive board.  We cook something every week in Nursery that relates to our topic. We share a story and lots of singing before we say goodbye and sing our prayer. Our morning finishes at 11.40am. 


The children now have the opportunity to stay in the afternoons when they can have lunch with their friends and have further opportunities to extend their learning.


This terms topic: Autumn 1  Ourselves


This term we focus on learning about ourselves, the Nursery routines and making new friends . We will be read and focus on the story ‘A Brave Bear’ and 'The Enormous Turnip'. The children will have lots of opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills and we are so excited to share their 'Talking Boxes' with them. It is such an amazing way to learn all about them. We will also concentrate on developing the children's listening skills by encouraging them to hear all the different sounds around them in the inside and outside environment. The children will develop their role play skills. They will learn to recognise their initial sound and their names. We will begin to develop their sorting, matching, counting and number recognition skills. They will mark make using a variety of different resources across the Nursery environment. They will have lots of opportunities to be creative through exploring arts and crafts activities.The children will also be creative through exploring musical instruments and sounds. During P.E will concentrate on music and movement activities and begin to learn some exciting games. 


On-line Journal


Each week usually on a Friday you will receive a ‘Focus of the Week’ for the forthcoming week. This will be sent out via  Tapestry, our exciting on-line journal. It is a fantastic way to capture your children's learning journey with the use of photographs and videos. It is also a great way for parents to share any learning the children are achieving at home.




Children take part in PE usually on a Tuesday. They do not need to get changed in Nursery, we just take shoes and socks off. Children need to be able to do this independently, so please practice at home. This is especially necessary for girls tights in the colder months. Parent may wish to send girls in trousers during cold weather




Whilst we do not have ‘homework’ we often will ask you to bring something in when it links to the topic. Also we encourage the children to practise writing their names at home and reinforce phonic and number skills taught in school. This year we would love to create a 'Talking Homework' each week which we will also send out via Tapestry. We will suggest a topic to discuss with your child and it would be amazing if you could share the highlights from your discussion with us again via Tapestry. 




Every child needs to bring a water bottle everyday to school. If they forget their bottle we will provide them with a cup and encourage them to pour their own water from a jug. We have fruit time or ‘rolling snack’ each day which is provided by the school, plus milk if you have ordered it. We encourage the children to open their own straw packets as well as eating fruit as it comes (eg eating an apple, not peeled/ chopped up). The children will have whole class snack after their 'Mile a Day' exercise. .




If you would like to take a library book from the class or school library we will provide a folder to keep them safe. The children will change their library books during our library time on a Tuesday morning.


Moments from Home


Every half term and school holiday we send home a 'Moment from Home' worksheet which we ask you to complete with your child. On this you can share the activities your child has experienced during the holidays so they can share these experiences with their peers when they return to school. The 'Moments From Home' are displayed within the classroom and then added to the children's  'Learning Journal'.


If you have any queries or concerns please do no hesitate to speak to one of the Nursery team or you can always email Mrs Harvey via our class email address which can be seen below.


All the Nursery staff are so excited to be working with your children during this current academic year. We will endeavour to provide them with a stimulating and nurturing environment.