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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
Please check our page CODVID-19 for all our learning and guidance.
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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
Home Page
'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
Please check our page CODVID-19 for all our learning and guidance.
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Welcome to Reception! Your child’s teacher is Mrs Baldwin and the teaching assistants are: Mrs Dainton in the morning and Mrs Bicknell in the afternoon.


What your child needs each day:

-A filled water bottle (filled with water only – no juice please)

-A book bag – this will be used to carry pictures and letters as well as library books and reading folders

-Appropriate clothing including a coat when it is cold and a sunhat when it is hot and shoes which are comfortable and safe as children often run and climb outdoors.

-PE bags with black/ green short and a school PE t-shirt (these should be left in school) – they will be sent home for washing in the holidays.

-Wellies – please bring a pair of wellies for your child to keep in school.



PE is every Friday morning. We encourage the children to change by themselves, so it would be best if you could dress your child in clothes which are easy for them to take on and off by themselves. It may be best to avoid lots of buttons, awkward dresses and laces.



The children will visit the school library every Thursday. Please remember to bring your child’s library book back each week so that it can be changed. You should leave it in their back so that they can take it out when they get into the library.


Reading at home

Children will bring home a Reading Record where you will receive information about what your child should practise at home. Your child may be given letters to practise reading and writing, words to ‘sound out’, ‘tricky words’ and, as your child becomes confident at reading words, a reading book. Not all children will receive everything – it is very dependent on your child’s needs and development and will change throughout the year.

Please help your child by encouraging them to read the letters, words and/or books to you each day. Once your child becomes confident reading the letters and words please encourage your child to try writing the letters and words.

The children’s letters, words and books will be changed each week after we have read with them. If they are not yet confident with the words they have had they may not be changed. The day on which your child’s book will be changed will be dependent on their colour group.






Say the sounds correctly

Please support your child’s reading by saying the letter sounds correctly. A video can be watched on You Tube to support pronunciation. Type ‘phonics pronunciation’ into the search box. You can play games to help your child blend and segment words verbally.


Learning Journals

A lot of what the children learn in Reception will be recorded in their electronic learning journal. Once we have your preferred email address, you will then receive an invitation to set up login details with Tapestry so that you can view your child’s journal online. We hope that this will help you to be more aware of what your child is learning and enjoying at school.


Travelling Ted

Every Friday our class bear goes home with a child who has been trying really hard with their learning and behaviour. Please help Travelling Ted to join in with your family activities. If possible please take photos of Travelling Ted and stick them in the book. You can also write about what Travelling Ted has been doing … maybe your child could help by telling you what to write. Please bring Travelling Ted back to school on Monday or Tuesday so that your child can share what he has been up to!



We have started a new reward system in Reception. When a child has been good and followed the class rules they may be asked to get a ‘treasure’ for their colour group. The treasure is counted at the end of the week to see which group has won.


Parent Helpers

We are always keen for parents to get involved! If you have any skills which you could help us with, please let us know. Maybe you’d like to come in and do activities with the children, do some gardening or maybe you’re good at building things or are artistic. Whatever your skills, please let us know – we’d love you to get involved whether it’s every week or just on the odd occasion. We’d also be interested to hear of anyone who does a job which may interest the children, such as a nurse, a mechanic, a bus driver or a firefighter to name just a few jobs!


Thank you for your help and support. Please speak to myself, Mrs Dainton or Mrs Bicknell if you have any concerns about your child. We hope they will have a fantastic year in Reception!

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