Welcome to St Peter's VA Primary School, Mill End. 
Ofsted 2014 judged the school to be good in all areas
  • The school has a very positive and welcoming atmosphere where pupils learn and thrive.
  • Pupils show enthusiasm for learning and their good behaviour supports their achievement.  Behaviour is exemplary in some classes. 
  • The school promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development very well.
  • There are robust procedures to ensure that pupils are safe.  Pupils feel safe and very looked after by staff.
  • Good teaching successfully engages pupils and enables them to make good progress.  Some teaching is outstanding. 

Our Mission Statement:
Learning together for Life


Together as

Partners in learning and play

Exploring life

Through confidence and creativity

Enthusiasm, honesty and trust

Respecting others, ourselves and the World around us

Supporting each other in a welcoming, Christian community.

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  • Our School
  • Monday 16th Primary Maths Challenge
  • Monday 16th November 12.30 History club
  • Monday 16th November 3.15-4.15 Games club
  • Tuesday 17th November 12.30 Homework club
  • Tuesday 17th November 3.15 - 4.15 Netball club
  • Tuesday 17th November 3.15 -4.15, 4.15-5.15 Gym club
  • Wednesday 18th November 8.00am Dodgeball
  • Wednesday 18th November 12.30 Art club 
  • Wednesday 18th November 2.30 Swimming
  • Wednesday 18th November 3.15-4.30 Football training
  • Thursday 19th November 12.15 Maths club
  • Thursday 19th November 12.15 Lego club
  • Thursday 19th November 12.30 Games club
  • Thursday 19th November,Table tennis club 3.15 - 4.00 
  • Thursday 19th November,Football & Netball away Eastbury Farm  
  • Friday 20th Please bring in a luxury item for the School Fayre
  • Friday 20th Judo club 3.15 - 4.15
  • St Peter's Calendar