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Learning Together for Life
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A very warm welcome to year 3.


Adults in the classroom 

Mrs Palmer (Class teacher)

Mrs Selwood (Teaching assistant)

Mrs Dutton (art teacher)

Mrs Wilson (Music teacher)





We will be reading traditional stories and stories from other cultures, focussing mainly on “The Egyptian Cinderella” as a link with our cross curriculum theme, “The Ancient Egyptians”, in the early part of the Autumn term. We will then proceed to reading, “The Egyptian Echo” as part of our non fiction unit that focuses on newspapers and report writing after half-term. We will work more generally on SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) as well as handwriting, creative writing and writing for other purposes and audiences.


In the spring term we will read ‘The Great Kapok Tree: A tale of the Amazon Rainforest’  followed by “Noah Barley Water Run Away” and “Hot like Fire” ( Poetry Unit). Then, in summer term we will read ‘Into the Forest’ and then ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”’.




In the autumn term we will focus on number and place value. Alongside these we will be revising and consolidating the times tables. In the second part of the autumn term, we will work at addition and subtraction as well as continuing to consolidate the times tables. Additionally, Mrs Selwood and I will be looking to support learners who have some gaps to address as well as challenging those who we are supporting to work at greater depth.In the spring term we are going to cover multiplication and division before moving on to fractions. By Summer term we will tackle measurement, geometry (properties of shapes) and statistics.



The topics this year will be ancient Egyptians, The Rain Forest, The Stone/Bronze and Iron Age.



During the first half of the autumn term, we will be covering forces and magnets and light. We will have two sessions a week with one being a group learning session and the other an investigation/experiment.

By spring we will be learning about plants and rocks and, finally in the summer term we will learn about animals (including humans) and we will also focus in more detail on investigative work.



will focus on stories of Key Leaders (Islam) in the first half of the autumn term and on “Ways of Describing God” (Christianity) for the second half. Furthermore, we will be learning about events in the life of Jesus, Lent and Easter in spring term and in the summer term we will have a diocese unit.


In History and Geography we will be covering the Ancient Egypts topic unit, focusing mainly on egyptian artifacts, architecture, living and religion for History and on the River Nile and Desert Formation for Geography.



Autumn term(1st half)  will focus on Egyptian art - designing and creating death masks and autumn term (2nd half) will focus on DT and the children will be learning to cook Egyptian dishes.


Computing will include: digital literacy, iProgram, iAlgorith, E-safety and and Ipad unit.


Music will cover  animal magic, the children will start to learn and use stave and other musical notations. Children will be listening to a variety of music from great composers and learn about tempo, pitch, dynamics and silence.



At St Peter’s, the PE kit is a plain white or green t-shirt with either a pair of black or green shorts. In winter, the children are more than welcome to wear a pair of plain black or green jogging bottoms and a jumper. Please ensure the clothing is loose and the children can move freely. They should not include large logos. Football kits cannot be worn. P.E will take place on a Tuesday afternoon (indoors) and then on Friday morning, when they have either outdoor or indoor P.E depending on the weather.


Meet Tilly the Tucan!                                                                                             

Every Friday, our classroom friend will go home with someone who has shown excellent behaviour across the week. Tilly has a diary which the children are to fill out with things they have done over the weekend. Children can include photographs, tickets, receipts and other objects in their diary if they wish. Tilly will return to school on Monday and each child will share what they have done with him on a Friday during show and tell.


Show and Tell

We love sharing our achievements and adventures, therefore children will be selected every Monday to bring a show and tell on Friday for the whole class to enjoy. Children are not to bring show and tell on any other days.



Homework will go home on a Friday and return the following Wednesday. The homework may include a bit of writing, spelling or the learning of topic words, times tables practice, arithmetic and occasionally an activity linked to the class topic.



  • Please be prompt.

  • Children are expected to read at home with you every night. Please let us know how this is going by filling in their reading journals. These will be collected on a Friday and handed back to children on Mondays.

  • Books will only be changed in the mornings and not at the end of the day.

  • PE kits must come into school every Monday.

  • Homework is expected in on Wednesdays.


St Peters Values