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St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God

Art and Design

St. Peter’s Mission Statement

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God.


St. Peter’s Art Vision

Valuing the creative journey, instilling creative confidence and a love of the visual arts.


At St. Peter's, we aim to instil a creative confidence in our children and a love of the visual arts, so that the school environment resonates with creativity and energy.


The new AccessArt curriculum for 2022-2023, consisting of 36 pathways for Years 1 to 6, continues to inspire and enable high quality visual arts learning, to nurture creative thinking skills and help ensure our children learn through art, as well as about art.

The areas we will cover are: Drawing & Sketchbooks; Print, Colour, Collage; Working in Three Dimensions; Paint, Surface, Texture and Collaboration & Community.


The new AccessArt Curriculum helps build knowledge and understanding in pupils as to some of the ways art is relevant to all our lives. By combining technical skills with contextual and conceptual understanding, the curriculum helps ensure every pupil feels entitled to embrace their own creativity as something which is important to them, and something which is valued by society. 


We provide the children with a wide variety of materials from the outset, which helps them grow in confidence and explore processes, which in turn can be applied to concepts.

We aim to focus less on a prescribed outcome and more on the creative journey to shape confident, independent artists, who can articulate and value their own creative journeys.


We aim to balance traditional skills with experimental work; small scale work with large, quiet, reflective study with active, dynamic work; individual and group work; 2D work with 3D and the study of historical artists with contemporary.


We want our children to engage in creative activities, both personally and in the wider community, so that they can grow to appreciate and value the importance of art.

In recent years, we've celebrated creativity and embraced whole-school activities: we've participated in The National Gallery's 'Take One Picture' project, which has culminated in a summer exhibition; we’ve seen our creative children blossom during an 'Arts Week' making sketchbooks and performing in talent shows; we've welcomed art educators and authors into the school and travelled into London to visit Tate Britain and The National Gallery to take part in workshops.

Every Christmas, each class makes and sells their handmade crafts to families and
the local community at our Christmas Market.

The children also get the opportunity to enter both school and community art competitions and exhibit their work in local galleries.



Art & design class pages 2022 - 2023

Competition time for October 2022 

Here are the fabulous, autumnal entries...


In school learning 2021 - 2022


A year 5 collaborative Platinum Jubilee picnic, almost good enough to eat!

Summertime is well and truly here and the whole school have celebrated the Platinum Jubilee in art by making fabulous crowns; bunting; giant flags; a huge, hand-drawn table picnic and a spread of delicious-looking, 3D clay food!

Year 1 have been making quiet, observational drawings and a loud, dynamic collaborative drawing; Year 2 have been exploring different cultures and architecture from around the world through collage; Year 3 have been looking at communicating ideas by designing their own creative typography; Year 4 are currently making a collaborative British 'birds in trees' artwork and 3D nests; Year 5 have made a colourful, collaborative, 3D clay picnic and Year 6 are working on a special, end of year legacy project based on portraiture.





'The Colour of Nature' competition 


All of our children were given the opportunity to enter a county art competition
with the theme,

'The Colour of Nature’.

Children were encouraged to think about nature all around them to produce a piece of artwork which captured the colour of nature. Through this competition, we wanted to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of experiencing nature, as we are aware that children’s mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing are improved by
being in and looking at nature.


The school winner is Haydon Butler, year 6

(November 2021)

Highly commended by county

(Spring 2022)


Spring term home learning 2021


At St. Peter's, we've recognised the challenges that creating art at home can bring. As work has shifted from classrooms to online, physical space to work and having few art materials, can all be obstacles to creativity and the visual arts.


With this in mind, we've started the spring term by making our own handmade sketchbooks out of scrap and recycled materials in KS1 and KS2. Not only are these books free to make, they're a place for exploring the world through drawing, writing, collecting, sticking, collaging, sorting, recording and playing with ideas.



'Our Earth in 2030' Art Competition

Congratulations to our winner...

Tanya Joy, year 2