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St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

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Years 5 & 6


Producing a handmade sketchbook encourages and empowers children to become more actively involved with decision making and to realise that through working in a sketchbook, their book takes on a 'personality' that is actually theirs!

Continuous Line Drawings

Continuous line drawings provide an excellent way to help children develop hand eye coordination, develop observational drawing skills and focus. These drawings are made by keeping the pen or pencil in contact with the paper for the duration of the exercise and by matching speed of looking with speed of drawing. The drawings have a particular “look” and each one is a record of how much the child has seen.

'A View From My Window'

Inspired by one of the creative projects from 'Grayson's Art Club' on Ch4, the children have drawn a view from their window during lockdown - a relevant topic, as we are all spending so much time at home at the moment!

Creating Illustrated Letters


A fun activity turning letters into animal illustrations and drawing favourite things that represent ourselves, in the shapes of the letters of our name.



This collage exercise helped develop sketchbook skills and to simply have fun through experimenting! It gave an opportunity to see how working in sketchbooks can involve lots of different activities such as seeing, collecting, sticking, drawing, note-taking, making connections, thinking, doodling, discovering…


Grayson's Art Club is back on TV for a second series and the first piece of art is on the theme of 'family'. We asked the children to illustrate what family means to them.

Making drawings move!

One of the simplest ways to make an animation is to make a flick book and then film it on your phone.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video