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St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God


Expectations/ Strategies used by all staff:

  • Develop strong individual relationships with children
  • Use calm voices at all times
  • Develop a learning environment which is calm, engaging and orderly with systems in place to reduce behaviour incidents e.g. lining up at the classroom door or leaving the carpet in a systematic and calm way
  • Actively support the Behaviour Policy through implementation and discussion with pupils
  • Listen to pupils, making it clear through their response that pupils’ comments are heard, taken seriously and are of importance
  • Teach strategies for self-regulation
  • Use the ‘Zones of regulation’ to support children to manage their emotions
  • Seek to de-escalate a situation before a crisis occurs
  • Seek to understand the reason behind problem behaviour
  • Set high standards of professional behaviour, politeness, self-discipline and respect to all
  • Treat each situation and child as unique and deploy appropriate behaviour strategies
  • Seek advice from senior leaders and report any concerns regarding the implementation of the behaviour policy
  • Speak professionally and with respect when discussing pupils, behaviour and stakeholders
  • Implement individual strategies, outlined in a behaviour plan and on 2PP, to support those children with SEND who have specific needs the impact on their behaviour
  • Report behaviour, appropriate and inappropriate, to parents/carers regularly

Pupils are expected to:

  • Know, understand and follow the class rules
  • Demonstrate positive behaviour for learning
  • Follow our school’s expectations, including during off-site visits and when travelling to and from school
  • Support other members of our school community in promoting the expectations of good behaviour
  • If dysregulated, engage with trusted adults and try to use skills modelled to them

Parents and carers are expected to:

  • Read the Behaviour Policy and actively support it through discussions with their child
  • Support and encourage their child to uphold the class rules
  • Where problems arise, work with us to minimise the risk of this happening again, first raising concerns with the class teacher


Senior Leadership in school is expected to:

  • Support staff to create a positive learning environment where all children can flourish
  • Support staff to confidently implement the behaviour policy
  • Monitor trends in behaviour
  • Show a commitment to continuing professional development in management of behaviour
  • Ensure volunteers are briefed on our behaviour policy and that they must report negative behaviour to a paid member of staff in the event a child should receive a consequence for their behaviour.
  • Place school expectations in prominent places
  • Review the policy annually to ensure that all staff and pupils are fully aware of its contents and are implementing it consistently
  • Hold all staff to account with implementing the agreed behaviour policy

Governors are expected to:

  • Refer all matters regarding discipline to the Headteacher who, in consultation with relevant parties, will investigate
  • Know, support and promote our behaviour policy; including implementation and maintenance of Hertfordshire Steps
  • At St. Peter’s, we use the following document to help support governors in holding senior leaders to account regarding behaviour.