Currently, we have very limited space for a September 2024 start in our F1 (Nursery) class. Please do contact the office so you do not miss out!

St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God


These paintings are trees from the bible. They were painted by the children in each group by a visiting artist. They line our main school corridor. 


At St Peter's, we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing environment where children learn about the world around them, humanity and develop a growing sense of self and their place in society. This is all driven through our school vision of, "One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God". Our school values are drawn from the teachings and stories from the bible. To support our community we understand that children come from diverse family structures, cultures and backgrounds and we celebrate and promote this rich backdrop.


We have the 12 Christian values as our bedrock but do not make any distinction between people of Christian faith, other faiths and no faith.  We are all one family.



Our Values


Within our school, we have a set of values that can be drawn upon that link with the stories and lessons learned from the bible. These values are used throughout our day to guide and develop our children and link to our worship. Through our whole school vision of, "One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God" and our school parable of the Lost Sheep we have identified key values for our school community. 


When visiting St. Peter's, you will see a beautiful painting of St. Peter in our foyer. Please take time to view this painting as around the image are some of the values that we follow at St. Peter's. Not only this, when you look closely at the painting, you will notice subtle but significant objects of meaning. 

Below are our Christian values that are around the painting of St. Peter:


Koinonia, thankfulness, truthfulness, compassion, service, hope, forgiveness, trust, wisdom, justice, peace and love. 


During our worship, we do not focus on all these values but we select 6 each academic year. However, these values are referenced often and the children can demonstrate them in class. Our children and adults live our school values each day and this is something we are very proud of.


To complement the values around our painting of St Peter, we have identified the following four values. These values were decided upon by all members of our schooling community. All stakeholders feel that these values link closely to the bible and the teachings of Jesus. 


These values are:

perseverance, respect, enthusiasm and spirituality