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St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God

School Council

School Council at St. Peters


At St. Peter's, we are proud to have pupil representatives that are nominated and voted within their class to represent them and their views and ideas. They take part in class and council meeting discussions.  The school council is split into 3 areas (Student, Sports and Eco). 


The student councillors will: 

* represent everyone in school and carry forward ideas from their peers in class

* be an outstanding role model to others in school

* raise money for school and other school supported charities

* enjoy coming to meetings to discuss important things.


The Sports Councillors are:

* enthusiastic about sport

* interested in developing sport and P.E in school

* full of good ideas

* a good role model for sporting behaviour

* encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle and promote wellbeing


The Eco councillors will:

* develop environmental awareness across our school community and to care for and develop our local environment

* be full of good ideas

* oversee Eco friendly projects

* devise an Eco code for the whole school to follow.


Student Council

Our student council members are:

(Left to right) -  Bobby ( Y3), Lola (Y5), Freya (Y4), Poppy (Y6)

                        Amber (Y1),Daphne (Y2), Charlie (Rec) 

Sports Ambassadors

Our Sports Ambassadors are:

(Left to right) -  Cole (Y4) Bertie (Y6), Rudy (Y5), 

                     Harry (Y3)Sami (Y1) Ethan (YR) Oscar (Y2)

Eco Council

Our Eco Council members are: 

(Left to right) - Ella (Y3), Lea (Y5),  Kyle (Y6) Darcey (Yr4)

                        Harvey (Rec) Samar (Yr1), Lauren (Y2)