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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10

School Council

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School Council Summer Term 2019

School Council 

At School Council meetings so far this term, we discussed the attributes that a good school council member should have. Here are a few of our suggestions…

Be a good listener, look after one another, help people, be patient, be truthful, be good at talking, take the majority vote and push your own ideas on other people.

We also felt very strongly about the importance of positive thinking in everything we do.

This made us think about the things that we like and feel positive about at St Peter’s.

School Council members decided that they would like to ask the children in their class some questions about our school.

What do you like best about St Peter’s?

Some things that the children said that they like are:

  • The new playground equipment, the space we have, writing, art, playing games, football, everyone being friends, learning new things, the routines.

Is there anything you would change?

Some children said they would like:

  • A study buddy in class, more equipment at playtimes, more choice of books, longer playtimes.



Three Rivers Student Forum Meeting


On 12TH October, we had our first job in role as St Peter’s school council representatives.

We went to the School Council Forum meeting at The Three Rivers Council and met up with other school council members from other schools. We talked about our local environment and the people who share it and what how we can make a difference. We had a democratic vote about what we could do. We voted for children’s play areas, but the majority of the councillors voted for elderly people. The district councillors talked to us about some ideas of how we could help out the elderly.

Back at school we talked to our school council about this and thought we could visit our local elderly home and entertain them. Other school councillors thought we could read a newspaper with them and Mrs Wilson suggested that we go and do colouring with them. In three months’ time we are going back to The Three Rivers district council offices to discuss what we have done to help out the elderly. We had a great time and learned a lot about democracy.


By William Barrett and Orlagh Roberts

St Peters Values