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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
Please check our page CODVID-19 for all our learning and guidance.
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'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
Home Page
'Life in all its fullness.' John 10:10
Please check our page CODVID-19 for all our learning and guidance.
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A very warm welcome to Year 6! Here is some information about the coming year that you might find useful.


Adults in the classroom: 

Miss Sterling (Class Teacher)

Mrs Dutton

Mrs Darlington (Year 6 support) 


This Term’s Topic: Victorians



Please be aware that an amended homework policy will shortly be published on the school website.


Class homework still goes out on a Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday. If there are any problems please let one of us know by Monday so we can help. 

  • Spellings to learn

  • Maths- This will involve a ‘ten minute work-out’ from the provided maths activity book. Feel free to annotate with any comments if your child is struggling with any activity.

  • English-This will be a reading based activity from the year specific reading journal.

Over the course of the year there may be a need to send additional homework home if children would benefit from more practice of a certain topic

NB: the school has covered the cost of the homework resource books any lost books will, however, need to be replaced by the parents or carers. 



Children will need their PE kits in school every Monday. 

Their kits should include: 

White/ green t-shirt

Green shorts

Tracksuit bottoms (black or green)

Trainers (Children cannot wear their school shoes for PE)



Every child needs a water bottle with a sports cap – children will only be allowed WATER in class. 

Fruit snack time is now held on the playground during playtime so it may be worth bringing whole fruit rather than anything that requires cutlery etc.



  • Please be prompt. The classroom door opens at 8.30am and maths learning begins immediately. Children will miss valuable chances to recap past learning if they miss this short session.

  • Children should come prepared for their learning every day

  • Children are expected to read at home with you every day

  • PE kits must come into school every Monday. 

  • Homework is expected in on Wednesdays if homework is missed twice the teachers will ask to meet with a parent to discuss this. 


Year 6 is the final year at Key Stage two. The expectations on them to manage themselves and become responsible for their own learning will increase as the year progresses. We ask you to support us in this by encouraging them to manage themselves at home and complete as much homework independently as possible. 


We are always available to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you may have at the end of each day. If you would rather discuss your concerns in more detail please make an appointment with the office. 


Thank you in advance for your support in the coming year, we very much look forward to getting to know everyone!





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