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St Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School

One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God

COVID-19 Catch Up Strategy

Catch-Up COVID-19 Strategy 


At St. Peter's, we have crafted our catch up strategy to ensure that we can mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our children. We have spent time discussing this as a school community to identify targets. Please read the information below and if you have questions, please do contact the school. Through listening to the concerns of all our stake holders, we have included all in our school family. Through our school vision of, 'One Family, Aiming High, Learning Together with God,' we believe that our catch up programme encompasses all that will need help in their individual way. This may range from academic catch up to support with mental health. As the parable of the lost sheep teaches us all, no child, parent or staff member shall be left behind. 

Review of COVID Expenditure: