Currently, we have very limited space for a September 2024 start in our F1 (Nursery) class. Please do contact the office so you do not miss out!

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Natasha's Law

Natasha's Law


Parents who have children with allergies complete an online portal. The kitchen staff have access to signs and photographs to enable them to avoid giving food to children that have allergies. Birthday cakes are not home made and when cakes come into school, they have ingredients lists. 


5 epi pens are available in the office. We have an emergency school epi-pen in case a child goes into anaphylaxis without us knowing they have an allergy. Staff have mandatory training on an annual basis. 

Free school meals and packed lunches are available for children in all year groups and these are monitored for ingredients. We are a nut free school and foods containing nuts are taken away from children, stored sensibly and sent back home. Regular reminders go home to explain we are a nut free school.