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St. Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School
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St. Peter's Church of England (VA) Primary School
For admission enquiries, please contact Julie Mansi,
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Summer Term 1 2021

What a term it has been! We've had thunder, lightning, hail and rain, sunshine and wind: we've seen it all!

Spring and early summer is such an engaging time of year as our plants and animals are in rebirth, the weather is wild and unpredictable but everything feels fresh and exciting.

This term has been a busy one in Forest School we've been doing what we do best, creating, exploring and learning whatever the weather.

Our new pond arrived and it was exciting to put in the new plants to help keep the water clear. We have made bridges, kites, crime scenes for a teddy bear. We have learnt about water transpiration from trees and looked at different ways to measure trees. Year 3 enjoyed time around the camp fire. All classes have continued to make use of the tools and Year 4 had fun with the billhook. We played the tyre game which was a huge sucess and Year 5 enjoyed the floating stick game after a little practise!



Year 6 had fun taking pictures with the theme being ' up close with nature.' Here are just a few of their stunning photographs.

Spring Term 1 2021


Although the start of the spring term has seen us back in lockdown it's so good to see so many of you getting outside.

Did you know spending time outdoors in nature is good for you? It's true! Being around trees and wildlife can boost your mood and that is something we could all benefit from right now. Getting active outdoors is a great way to improve your fitness too.


If you can, pull on your wellies and enjoy some fresh air.


I am delighted how resourceful you are at home and the pictures you are sending in via the Forest School google classroom are fabulous, it's shown me just how good you are!

At school we are following the same lessons as you at home with one added addition.


We have some exciting news........


In the reflection area we are digging out one of the flower beds to create a wildlife pond, it's at a very early stage as we didn't realise how much soil there was !!!

I am so thrilled as the pond we will be a fantastic Forest School resource for all the children. It will extend the biodiversity we already enjoy at St Peter's.


I will keep you posted with the progress.



Starting work on the pond

                      Forest School at home

               and at school we too are enjoying our

                      Forest School sessions.



Autumn Term 2 2020


Forest School is a sensory joy during the autumn term with crisp leaves scrunching beneath our feet, the leaves are falling like golden snowflakes and we had fun building rainbows before they blew away!


During the sessions the children are developing their den building skills during the last week of term some classes built a nativity set and re-enacted the Christmas story. The children are using a range of forest school tools, we made conker people using knots and lashing to secure the twigs and we built our very own fire circle with many thanks to Paula Dorrell and the PTA for providing the logs.


Sitting around the campfire as a group, learning, listening, toasting marshmallow is a wonderful communal and magical experience for the children. This incredibly ancient tradition still remains mystifying, stimulating the senses by letting you feel the fires warmth and at Forest School we are learning which woods and natural materials burn the best, we looked at the fire triangle – oxygen, fuel and heat - things a fire needs to exist, at all times children learn to respect the fire and practise fire safety.


Autumn Term 1 2020


Trees for climbing, dirt for digging, puddles for splashing in, log stumps for sitting, fallen branches for building.

It might not appear to be much, but this is a classroom. Here, creations are built, discoveries are made, risks are taken, beauty is discovered and wonder is cultivated.


What a fantastic term of Forest School we have had.  To inspire thoughts about transportation considering the environment and conservation issues we built different vehicles

both big and small!

Each year group was given a camera and took pictures of nature which they felt best represented their thoughts of what nature means to them.

We have had lots of fun with many activities, making pressed flower and leaf pendants,

clay fairies, we looked at angles using sticks and our own bodies to make shapes and angles beyond the classic square paper depictions, we had fun finding different natural resources to help us. We are learning how to identify trees and we are learning how to use tools safely.

This was the first experience of Forest School for Year One. Once we had gone through the rules and expectations for Forest School we played games to get used to our surroundings.

In doing this we found all sorts of different plants and some animals and we managed to find some signs that autumn is on its way.

It was very exciting discovering our area and finding out what animals lived in our bushes and trees. We talked about which animals we may find on our field. We went looking for mini beasts after realising they preferred sheltered, dark, damp places, we collected materials to make dens.

The children loved exploring using their senses of touch and smell to discover the different trees and bushes on our field.





A selection of pictures taken by the children themselves during Forest School.

Spring Term 2


We have been greeted with a few shimmers of sunshine this term, giving us more time to use utilise and enjoy the natural resources during our forest school lessons.

Using mathematical concepts we learnt how to read a compass and start to follow a bearing with our partners. We continue to look at trees and how to identify them; we used all our senses which helped us to write some lovely poems. 


During 'Bird Week' in January we helped with conservation and counted the birds in our field. We made bird feeders from old toilet rolls to welcome them!

We also made free-standing structures which were brilliant - with thought given on how to secure them against the elements.


Drawing to the end of what has been a whirlwind of a shortened spring term we would like to take a moment to highlight what we take for granted each and every day within our setting; beautiful interaction, lasting friendships, endless creativity and spending our days outdoors with our            St Peter's family! We hope that each and every one of our families stay safe in the coming weeks ahead and we hope to see you all soon, happy and healthy. 

Spring Term


A New Year brings great fun exploring the field, the weather has brought its challenges, however the children are coping well with the very wet weather!

We are continuing to explore our area and discover new interests. We have seen some great team work; everyone has lots of ideas about what they wanted to do - and not enough time to do it all!

Can't wait until next week!


This week we are starting to learn an important outdoor skill, using a compass. 

We had fun finding an interesting fungi called 'jelly ears', it grows on Elder trees and other hardwood. "It was very soft like jelly"

The children learnt punk wood is rotten, decayed wood. "It feels like sponge"

We just love building shelters!